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If you are involved in animal agriculture you will want to ensure optimum productivity so that you can achieve maximum profitability.  This means it is important that you and your staff keep up to date with the very latest trends in the world of animal nutrition.

Complete Feed Solutions offers a full range of training courses tailor-made to your unique situation and suitable for all levels of experience. Tell us what you want and we can provide it in a way that will engage and inform.

Why an animal nutrition training course?

It is only with a clear understanding of nutrient responses and interactions that you can provide a balanced diet which optimises animal performance, improves animal health and welfare and increases overall profitability.

Improving your understanding of animal nutrition will help you increase your business profitability.


Whether your business is poultry meat or egg production, beef, lamb, pork or dairy production, or equine management, you want to make sure your business is achieving its full potential.

Understanding animal nutrition will help you identify those areas related to feed and feeding which can be improved to increase profitability. .

Feed manufacturers

To be successful it is vital to keep ahead of your competition. Improving your understanding of animal nutrition and the feed factors which affect your customer’s profitability will give you the edge over your competition.

It’s all about meeting your customers’ needs in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

What a Complete Feeds Solutions’ training course can do for you

Our tailor-made courses will help you better assess your business and pinpoint areas where beneficial and profitable changes can be made.

Staff training and up-skilling

Our training courses are designed to increase your knowledge, and the knowledge of your staff, relating to feed ingredients and animal nutrition.

It is your opportunity to ask all the questions you have about animal nutrition.

Complete Feed Solutions will tailor-make a course to meet your requirements.

Assessment and analysis

As part of our training we can help you to assess and analyse your current animal feed practices so that, together, we can pinpoint any areas which would benefit from change.

For farmers this means thinking of your animal production system in a holistic way and supplying a feed formulation that matches your unique situation. For example:

In the case of poultry, how does your lighting programme affect the nutrient responses of your growing birds?In a dairy production system, how will inclusion of compound feeds in your rations affect pasture utilisation?

For feed manufacturers this means being up to date with and understanding the latest in animal feed science and technology so that the feed you manufacture is appropriate for the market and produces results that bring your clients back again and again.

Courses available

We offer courses in all areas of animal nutrition for both farmers and feed manufacturers.

Courses include:

  • General animal nutrition
  • Ruminant nutrition
  • Poultry nutrition
  • Quality assurance in the animal feed industry
  • and many more – we will design a course to meet your current need.

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