Complete Feed Solutions’ services

Complete Feed Solutions offers a full range of technical services to livestock production and feed manufacturing industries. This includes:

  • analysis and assessment of current feeds and feeding programmes
  • raw material evaluations
  • animal feed formulation
  • animal nutrition training

We have the expertise and experience in animal nutrition that you have been looking for.

Farm analysis and assessment

Whatever area of animal agriculture you are involved in you want to be as profitable as possible.  Complete Feed Solutions will assess the nutrition of your poultry or other livestock to ensure the feed and feeding programme you are using is the most appropriate for your unique conditions.

Animal feed formulation

Remember, lowest cost feeds do not always give you the maximum profit.

At Complete Feed Solutions we understand that you want to maximise the profitability of your business.  Whether you are a farmer wanting optimal animal performance, or a feed manufacture wanting to ensure your animal feed formulation is appropriate for your market, we can show you the proper blend of feed ingredients to ensure optimum productivity.

Staff training

If you are involved in animal agriculture you want to ensure optimum productivity so that you can achieve maximum profitability.  This means it is important that you and your staff keep up to date with the very latest trends in the world of animal nutrition.

Complete Feed Solutions offers a full range of training courses tailor-made to your unique situation and suitable for all levels of experience. Tell us what you want and we can provide it in a way that will engage and inform.

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